Zinnia 'Persian Carpet'

Zinnia 'Persian Carpet'


Zinnia 'Persian Carpet'
Zinnia elegans

I didn’t think I would love this variety as much as I did. The colours are gorgeous and warm ranging from golden yellow to dark red. Highly recommended! Pair with Oklahoma ‘Golden Yellow’ and Rudbeckias.

Plant type: Annual
Height: 88cm
Location: Full Sun.
Days to maturity: 75-90 days
Spacing: 20cm apart
Seeds per packet: approx. 150

We start seeds indoors around mid September, 6 weeks before the last frost and plant them out once the chance of the last frost has passed. Zinnias need warmth to germinate, so direct seeding should only being attempted once the soil has warmed up.

Surprisingly, Zinnias are quite drought hardy and given there is enough goodness in the soil, can survive on minimum watering. However, remember, they, as all plants, love water, so the more you can give the better.

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