About rose and abraham

our story

It all started with the idea of restructuring our paddock ... initially, horses came to mind. I always wanted to have horses. They remind me of my childhood years, when I would ride my bicycle to the stables near my parent's home and spend every spare minute there, breathing in their beautiful warmth and nobility, the smell when you press your nose against their fur and the fuzzy aroma and cosiness of the stable in general. So we tried it. We hosted a couple of horses and it was gorgeous (apart from the fact, that one of them charged at me when I was singing) but, if I decided to have horses, I wanted to give them a charmed life. Large open meadows to call their own, freedom and space. Our garden was by far not large enough to accommodate the number of animals in the circumstances I envisaged, so this idea was gently put on the slow burner. One day. 

Without a doubt, our garden would be more than large enough to build a fantastic lap pool surrounded by English inspired gardens... so the task of terracing the sloping site began. BUT, we had just bought the property and completed a partial renovation of the studio (which you can book here www.underapeppercorntree.com), a pool would be a major investment and still a few years in the future, what to do? Now? Set up a market garden? I always enjoyed growing my own vegetables and had a bit of a green thumb, but the idea of having rows and rows of lettuce and rashes somewhat bored me. It didn't even get to the stage where it could bore me, to be honest. 

I had been buying flowers for our studio ever since we started renting it out and so, I thought, I could possibly use one terrace as a cutting garden. Now, I had not ever grown flowers before. The most adventurous had been a couple of calendulas and that, reluctantly. For me, growing flowers reminded me of old ladies, strangly looking rose bushes and uninteresting yellow daisy like spindly blooms. Not fascinating. Not glamorous. Not wow. Little did I know what beauty and richness I had not encountered thus far. So I started researching, ordering seeds of any and everything that appealed to me and that looked "cutable", made long rows ready to plant all these seeds, half of which which were devoured by slugs and other tiny critters. What started off as a small flower patch now extended to the entire terrace, around 100m2. In my madness, I didn't think what to do with all those flowers growing on my patch. I was just following what felt right and what excited me. As my nano crop grew, I had no choice but to start selling. So, I set up a little market stall and took it from there. I didn't anticipate the appriciation coming my way from my new customers. The delight of fresh and unusual flowers on people's faces was wonderful.

By now, the whole plot is converted into a flowergarden. Bulbs, garden roses, hydrangeas and other crops popping up everywhere. We now grow enough flowers to supply larger quantities of freshly cut flowers to ship them out. Yeah :-)